Wachuma wear are all Handmade by a Peruvian indigenous designer , Roberto Wow, a very well known wachuma ( san pedro) shaman, who has learn in the Ollantaytambo ruins, where he is located, the art to stitch with incredible cosmic thread that glows in black light, dyed cotton exterior with brillant colors of fucsia, orange and purple- all the rainbow of pachamamas colors, tought to be wear in the sierra colds it haves a colorfull fun fur lining, reversable and very durable – will last a lifetime.

Pieces for men and women, sizes small. medium, large, made on request, sent anywhere on the world and delivered after a month. have a look at our already delivered pieces and find your inspiration to get yours. COMING SOON whats for sale?

Basically a flower power design with a hood and ties, splayed sleeves, fitted waist and scalloped skirt, in many of the pieces of his designs. Waistcoasts, hoodies, capes, all made by request, one of a kind pieces, exclusively design with the wachuma and the andes energy for all the world.

Dress up, dress down – it can go anywhere! Warm and cozy – like wearing a super cool quilt. It’s central design is the chakana – Andean cross – which represents Inkan spirituality, the andean cosmovision, that we are all together in this . Completely one of a kind, really well handcrafted made and machine washable!!

Contact us to get your own design or check on the section Blog, whats new on store. To have an iea of what pricing you are looking at for this type of jackets have a look here.